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Google is reportedly looking at expanding the new capability it introduced this year in the Chrome browser, sending a link to bold text on a web page. The company is exploring the possibility of adding a similar capability to images and videos embedded in websites.

The ‘Copy Link to Highlight’ capability allows users to mark on a page where they are a particular text, that is, to highlight, and create an accurate link to that particular text that can be sent to anyone. Opening the link by users who receive it will open in their browser, as mentioned, the display exactly on the text marked on the site.

Execution in the case of videos, photos, etc. will be done in exactly the same way: marking, choosing the option to create a direct link to the media, and sending it to whoever you want. It is not clear however which version of Chrome Google intends to integrate this extended feature with.

The Copy Link to Bold text option is available in the updated versions of Chrome. It is available as an option in the right-click menu after text highlighting.