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#1 Samsung UN43NU6900FXZA

The Samsung UN43NU6900FXZA may be a better option for those with tight budgets. It doesn’t perform as well in dark rooms as the Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2019, but its input lag is significantly lower for a more responsive gaming experience. It has a motion interpolation feature to make motion look smoother, and its color accuracy is impressive right out of the box. The TV’s peak brightness is good, but it might not be the best choice if you live in brightly lit rooms. It has good gray uniformity. This is a great advantage for sports viewing, as it doesn’t have distracting screen effects. Like all Samsung TVs, it runs Tizen OS, which feels much smoother, and there are tons of apps available through its app store. You will have to accept some ads on your home screen, which can’t be disabled.

On the whole, if you want a TV that can perform well in any content, the Vizio is a better choice; otherwise, the Samsung is a good option if cost is a concern.

#2 Samsung QN43Q60RAFXZA

When it comes to the best Samsung TVs, it’s all about QLED. The QLED displays are brighter than other LEDs and have a quantum dot filter that enhances contrast across a 4K screen.

The Q60R isn’t quite as accomplished as its premium siblings, being the entry-level QLED and therefore the one with the lowest specs. The edge-lighting can be inconsistent, and you won’t get the tidy One Connect box of the most premium of new Samsung TVs either. 

Given its 43-inch size, though, you won’t be taking up as much space as a larger set, and as the cheapest QLED to come out this year it’s a smart choice for those wanting to save on high-end technology. Its low input lag and responsive smart platform make it a great choice for gamers wanting a zippy experience – or just anyone feeling impatient.

#3 Vizio M-Series Quantum (US only)

The M-Series Quantum is a mid-range set that Vizio has consistently produced. It boasts a brilliant quantum dots display at a very affordable price. The speakers are capable of producing a sound performance of 2x20W to match the screen.

HDR images are a highlight, with Dolby Vision support as well as local dimming allowing for deep black levels.

Vizio’s SmartCast smart TV platform isn’t the best out there, but it does come with a lot of functionality, including support for Google Cast and AirPlay 2, and HDMI Arc for controlling your soundbar through the TV controls. Overall, the compromises are more than fair for the sub-$800 price tag, and you won’t get much better for the money elsewhere.

#4 Philips 43PUS6504/12 4K HD TV

Like the Panasonic GX800/12, the Philips Philips43PUS6504/12 provides HDR support in a compact size. The panel has both HDR10+, and DolbyVision baked in.

The TV’s casing itself is sleek and fashionable, with three-sided Ambilight upping the atmosphere with colors that spill and project around the TV screen. What could be better to enjoy a night of immersive gaming or film watching?

Although the exterior of the set is its most striking aspect, it may also be its most impressive. The 4K display works best with HD and can struggle to read lower-resolution sources. You’ll also want to look at the TV square-on rather than from the side, as viewing angles aren’t the best. Overall, however, this is a solid choice if you are looking for a smaller set.

#5 TCL40S325

If you’re searching for an inexpensive 40-Inch TV, the TCL 3-Series 1080p model should be among your top choices. While it won’t win any awards in terms of image quality, the TV offers a decent experience for a reasonable cost. It’s powered by the Roku TV interface that provides quick access to an incredible amount of content ready for watching. The TV can be controlled with voice commands from Google Assistant or Alexa.

In terms of connectivity, the TV doesn’t disappoint as it features 3 HDMI 2.0 ports that come with HDCP functionality. The TV can also be connected via RF, Optical and Composite ports. Although the resolution is only full HD, the picture quality is excellent thanks to the direct-lit LED technology. This TV is simple, but elegant and has plenty of Smart features to make the investment worthwhile. The remote control included is one of the best features.


#6 Insignia NS-43DF710NA19

Insignia’s Fire TV Edition 43-Inch TV brings many interesting qualities to consider if you’re ready to upgrade your television to 4K quality. The image quality of this model may not be as breathtaking as more expensive models but it’s very satisfying with deep contrast and vivid colors. Thanks to the Fire TV built-in functionality, you’ll have an easier time when it comes to finding quality content to enjoy.

The TV gives you quick access to streaming channels and allows you to keep all of your favorite subscriptions together. This model has Alexa compatibility. Other TVs don’t have this feature. It makes it easier for you to control your TV and any other connected smart home devices. The TV responds quickly and is easy to use thanks to its powerful quad-core CPU.

#7 TOSHIBA 44LF711U20

Providing a comprehensive Fire TV experience, this 43-inch model from Toshiba shouldn’t be missed. The TV offers 4K UHD visual entertainment with Dolby Vision HDR. The television’s 8 million pixels combine to produce stunning levels of color depth and image clarity. This TV has many intuitive features, which will impress you when it comes to Smart functionality.

The Voice Remote, which features Alexa as a voice assistant, makes controlling this TV easy. It is much easier to navigate through different functions by speaking. This also includes the discovery of new movies or shows to watch. Fire TV Edition includes live over-the air TV and all your favorite streaming apps in one place. The model also features a quad-core CPU, three HDMI inputs, HDR compatibility, and a 3 HDMI inputs. This is a great 4K TV that’s worth the price.

#8 Hisense 43R7E 43-inch 4K

The Hisense 43R7E 4K 43-Inch TV is affordable and user-friendly. This TV is a great upgrade to Full HD models. This TV delivers a great image quality, with rich colors and high contrast. The HDR10 offers all the necessary improvements to dark and light scenes. Motion Rate 120 keeps things moving smoothly.

This TV also has solid audio capabilities. DTS Studio Sound makes it reproduce sound more accurately. Many inputs are available to allow users connect different devices. You can connect to satellite, antenna, cable, streaming, and streaming seamlessly. This Smart TV features a simplified interface that is powered by Roku TV. It provides convenient access both free and paid content. The remote makes it a breeze to navigate the TV’s functions as it offers quick shortcuts to popular channels such as Netflix.