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#1 Bose Companion 2 Series II

The Companion 2 Series III is the best desktop speaker for most people. Although the satellites measure 7.5 x 5.9x 3.1 inches, they are small enough to fit on your desk and produce a rich, full sound. The cost is not prohibitive and the higher price is worth it over cheaper units. You must remember that you are also paying for the Bose brand, which is not cheap. It produces more bass than speakers twice its size, and has a strong vocal range and a pleasant treble. This makes it a very good overall sound system.

The simple, elegant design features a single volume knob for the right speaker and a headphone socket so you can listen privately. Although these speakers don’t allow you to adjust the bass and treble, the sound quality is excellent.

#2 Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 

If you’re in the market for computer speakers that come bundled with a subwoofer, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX is quite a bargain. The audio quality is excellent with a wide soundscape that allows for subtle nuances to be heard in songs. Vocals, instruments and sound effects are clear and detailed, which is a benefit to listeners while watching movies or playing video games. Each satellite sits beautifully alongside your computer and laptop.

For some, not having Bluetooth can be a major deal-breaker. For those with limited space, it can be difficult to find the right place for the large subwoofer. The ProMedia 2.1 is a great option if you have extra space to store it.

#3 Creative Pebble V3

It can be expensive to build a desktop setup, especially if you work from home. The Creative Pebble V3 proves you don’t have to spend crazy money to snag a pair of serviceable and super-affordable computer speakers. The Pebble V3 is small in size but produces a loud and crisp sound that will blow away your laptop speakers. The orb-inspired design is very attractive and takes up very minimal space. We also appreciate all the hardware (e.g. 2.25-inch driver and passive bass radiator) and inputs Creative managed to squeeze into. 

There isn’t much bass coming out of the driver, which means lows can lack depth on contemporary songs. For private listening, a headphone output would have been appreciated. But the Pebble V3’s price makes it an incredible value.

#4 Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers powered by Bluetooth

Edifier makes tons of high-quality PC speakers. The R1280DB Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers is our favorite. It has all the features that you want, such as an optical input and Bluetooth capabilities. It is also compact and delivers very good sound for a fair price.

#5 Creative Pebble PLUS 2.1 (with subwoofer

Creative’s Pebble Plus 2 2.1 is the best value for money in terms of sound quality. Although the 4-inch sub isn’t very attractive, it’s a black box you can hide under your desk or in a corner.

This model is also powered via USB (there’s not a power adapter), but it must be connected to your device with the standard 3.5mm aux cable (included). Although it is powered by USB, it does not produce a huge volume. However, it does deliver better sound quality than you might expect for its price.

#6 Logitech Z407

Logitech Z407 compact system has a small subwoofer and satellite speakers. It doesn’t have a premium feel, but it’s attractive with some nice features. It’s easy to set up. You can connect it via USB or wired mode using an auxiliary 3.5mm cord. Most people will connect their devices via Bluetooth.

It comes with a hockey puck-sized control unit (powered by two AAA batteries) that acts as a Bluetooth transceiver between any Bluetooth enabled audio device and the speaker system. To skip tracks forward or back, tap on the puck’s top and turn the dial to adjust volume. It is also worth noting the fact that the speakers can be raised either vertically or horizontally. It’s a very clever design. 

The sound quality is good at close range, but the bass is not very tight. However, you can only expect so many for the price. This system is great for small rooms, but not enough to make it sound great in larger spaces. Although the manufacturer claims that it has 80W of power (power ratings don’t really mean much),