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#1ApexDesk Elite

If you’re looking for a desk that offers both an extra wide (and deep) surface space, as well as offers height adjustment, then the ApexDesk Elite is probably the option for you. Just note, though, that the Elite is not a cheap adjustable height desk as it comes in at just under $700.

However, it sports a very large 71″-wide and 33″-deep surface space which will give you plenty of room to hold multiple monitors without sacrificing a ton of desk space. And, for the height, the desk can adjust from anywhere between 29″ to 48″ so that you can find the right level for your height.

Ultimately, in terms of ergonomic adjustable height desks, the ApexDesk Elite is one of the better options simply for its overly large surface space. The cost it comes in at isn’t ideal, but if you need an adjustable height desk that offers a ton of room for your gaming setup or workstation, this is the option to get.

#2 DESINO Professional

For those of you that are looking for an L-shaped desk to tuck in the corner of your room, the DESINO Professional is worth checking out. It’s an affordable L-shaped desk that is designed to appeal to gamers.

At just under ~$120, it is also one of the more affordable options on this list. The longer wing of this L-shape desk measures in at 59-inches long and the shorter wing measures in at 47-inches long. The one downside of this desk, though, is that it only measures in at ~23-inches deep. The build quality isn’t going to blow anyone away, either, and it only weighs about ~48 pounds.

However, for most gamers who are looking for an L-shaped desk, it will get the job done. And, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get, either.

#3 VIT Ergo Gaming

If you like the look of the Secretlab MAGNUS, but you don’t really want to pay over $400 in order to get it, one alternative worth checking out is VIT’s VIT Ergo Gaming desk. Like the MAGNUS, it has a straight-forward design. And, while it doesn’t come with the cool cable management system, or come with as sturdy of a build quality, it does cost much less.

And, while the MAGNUS measures in at 59-inches long and 28-inches deep, the VIT Ergo Gaming desk comes in at 63-inches long and 30-inches deep. So, you get a little bit more space with the VIT Ergo Gaming as well.

Overall, there’s nothing ground-breaking with the VIT Ergo Gaming desk. It’s just a solid overall desk that won’t break the bank.

#4 Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Computer Desk I1

The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Computer Desk I1 is a great option if you want to use one large monitor or two smaller ones and have room to spare. Sporting an ergonomic curved design that lets you sit closer to the action, its surface features a textured carbon fibre pattern which is smooth and should stand up well to scratches while being easy to clean. 

That said, you’ll probably still want to pick up an extra-large mouse mat for greater mousing precision. Despite its budget price tag, this gaming desk adds nifty features including a cable management system that houses a power strip for keeping your wires and plugs tucked out of sight.

#5 Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk

Its name may sound like a Nokia handset from the 90s, but the Respawn 3010 is no joke. Featuring appendages where most gaming desks have none, the 3010 includes a dedicated monitor shelf and lets you hang anything from gaming accessories to cups from its multiple trays for easy retrieval. 

And with a maximum 200lb weight capacity that’s enabled by its sturdy steel tube frame, the Respawn will support pretty much anything you place on it and then some. The gaming desk is available to buy in black with a choice of two-tone colour flourishes – including blue, red, grey and green to match Respawn’s line of gaming chairs.

#6 Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation Computer Gaming Desk

Throw away your gigantic mouse mat, as the snappily-named Tt Gaming Level 20 Battlestation flaunts a full cloth mouse pad that’s removable and washable. It sits atop a generously thick desktop, which is height adjustable and protected by a wear-resistant powdered coating to withstand knocks and scrapes. 

Reinforced with steel across its two legs, this is one gaming desk that won’t suffer from the shakes. Nor will it leave you agitated by unruly cabling thanks to a smart cable management tray underneath that spans almost its entire horizontal length.

#7 Flexispot EC1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is unprecedented value for the dollar, as motorized adjustable desks are often at least double the price. If you, like many of us, are working from home, it’s easier on your back to switch up your posture while you work. A standing desk is the only way to do that, and while ones you adjust by hand are relatively well-priced, it’s a lot easier to get a motorized one (though not always cheaper).

The Flexispot model boasts a sturdy steel frame and a large bamboo desktop that comes in a variety of colors. The desk height can be adjusted via a button on the front that is easily depressed. The motor is incredibly silent considering how heavy the desktop is, and it moves smoothly. The only downside is that there’s no memory feature to automatically adjust the desk to preset heights, and there’s no hole to pull your wires through.

Otherwise, the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a sturdy, no-frills motorized standing desk that you simply can’t find elsewhere for the price.