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Sony today announced accessories that will allow you to customize the PlayStation 5 console and add a bit of color to the gaming stand – colorful exterior panels along with matching color control controllers.

The new accessories have been unveiled on the official PlayStation Blog, with the company allowing you to choose from external panels in colors: black, burgundy, pink, purple and light blue designed for PlayStation 5 consoles as well as PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without the disk drive.

To complete the look Sony is also expanding the range of DualSense models, the console’s control controllers, when it will be possible to purchase such shades: light blue, pink and purple. Which will join the colors that already exist on store shelves: black, white and burgundy.

In Germany, the United States and the UK it will be possible to purchase the exterior panels directly from Sony’s website in the first half of 2022, with the color control controllers expected to hit store shelves on 11 February. These will sell for $ 54.99, while the color control controllers will sell for $ 74.99.

The PlayStation 5 console is equipped with a pair of removable external panels, so far it has not been possible to purchase such made by Sony. Consumers who wanted to change the basic look of the console had to purchase panels from third-party companies or from unknown sellers on e-commerce sites.

Sony began to pursue these after registering a patent for the design of the panels, with the notable battle being against DBrand which led to the changing shape of the panels by the famous sticker maker.