Oppo announced Air Glass, a smart glasses with a tiny projector

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Oppo announced the Air Glass, a smart reflector that projects information onto the lens. While the product defines the product as innovative and revolutionary, it is actually very reminiscent of the Google Glass glasses in its features – although of course in a more modern and advanced edition.

The Air Glass is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4100 chipset, and a tiny, monochromatic Micro LED projector. It weighs 30 grams, and is capable of operating with the built-in battery for 3 consecutive hours, or 40 hours in standby mode.

Oppo will offer the pair of glasses in two different shades (gray and black) and two different sizes for each shade, as well as a magnetic connection that allows it to be “worn” on a frame of regular eyeglasses.

And how does the smart mirror help? Mainly reflect on the lenses information transmitted to it from a connected telephone device: weather forecast, alerts from apps, or navigation instructions. Oppo believes that the mirror can also help with real-time translation. The control of the various features is done through a touchpad on the reflecting side, voice commands, and tracking of hand and head movements. One thing that does not exist in the specification: a camera. In his opinion they probably preferred to save in advance issues of privacy related to the camera hidden in the glasses.